April 29, 2020
Company: Radiometer Medical ApS Date of Enforcement Report: 4/29/2020 Class II PRODUCT TCM4 Base unit, Ref 391-880, UDI:(01)05700693918808, used with the monitor modules TCM4 (902-778), TCM40 (902-778, 902-946 or 902-862), TCM400 (902-564), TOSCA (903-044) and CombiM (903-111) – Product Usage: It is indicated for use on pediatrics and adults. Recall Number: Z-1755-2020 REASON Reports have...
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Company: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 4/29/2020 Class II PRODUCT Fresenius 2008T Hemodialysis Machine: Part Number Description 190573 2008T HEMODIAL YSIS SYS. OLC/DIASAFE PLUS; 190713 2008T HEMODIAL YSIS SYS., with CDX; 190766 2008T HEMODIAL YSIS SYSTEM W/BIBAG; 190858 2008T HEMODIAL YSIS SYSTEM WITHOUT CDX; 190895 2008T GEN 2 BIBAG WITHOUT CDX;...
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Company: Philips North America, LLC Date of Enforcement Report: 4/29/2020 Class II PRODUCT TRx4851A 2.4 GHz IntelliVue Tele TRX, Model Number 862231; Includes Service Numbers 453564052401, 453564052411, 453564052441, 453564052451, 453564166851, 453564166861 Recall Number: Z-1766-2020 REASON The ECG signal from patients being monitored using a Philips TRx4841A and TRx4851A Telemetry Transceiver may not be properly analyzed...
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Company: Synaptive Medical Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 4/29/2020 Class II PRODUCT ClearCanvas RIS/PACS Recall Number: Z-1758-2020 REASON A software defect negatively affects the quality of images taken during diagnostic imaging (mammograms) which may result in misdiagnosis. RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER Synaptive Medical Inc. on 2/26/2020. Voluntary:  Firm Initiated recall is ongoing. VOLUME OF PRODUCT IN COMMERCE...
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Company: Beckman Coulter Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 4/29/2020 Class II PRODUCT Beckman Coulter Power Express Sample Processing System AU5800XL connection unit, catalog #B36351; and Power Express Dynamic Inlet, catalog B36352. Recall Number: Z-1741-2020 REASON Potential exposure to biohazard. Software design problem causes excess speed and vibrations in the unload arm movement which causes caused...
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Remote Webmeeting Assessments

SoftwareCPR can provide remote offsite assessments to support virtual offices.  Our consultants can utilize webmeeting tools to walk your teams through assessments such as:

  • 62304 compliance
  • Regulatory submission pre-review
  • Software risk analysis
  • Cybersecurity process and validation
  • Overall ISO 14971 risk management
  • Overview of software regulation with John Murray

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