“I want to say that was a fantastic training with lots of great information and practical points! Thanks!”

Jared McDonley, Quality Systems Manager, OneBlood
2019 “Being Agile and Compliant” Course Attendee

“Many thanks for a brilliant training session, very lively, engaging talk with scenarios and examples to understand the concepts.  The collective feedback from our team after the training was that it was very informative, valuable, and presented in a digestible format.”

Ram Kannan, Quality Manager, Planet Innovation
Melbourne, Australia
2018 62304 Training Course Attendee

“Thanks Brian Pate, this was truly a fantastic course, full of great information, along with pragmatic real world examples…highly recommend all #software engs who work in #MedicalDevices booking Brian for this course.”

Adrian Higgins, Software Development Manager, Planet Innovation
Melbourne, Australia
2018 62304 Training Course Attendee

“Thanks again for the training the last 3 days. Both that and the 62304 assessment were valuable activities and I believe we learned a lot that can be incorporated in to our day to day work. Overall it was a fantastic experience working with your organization.”

Travis Dahlen, Director of Software Development
Minneapolis, Minnesota
2018 62304 Training Course and SDLC Assessment

“I worked with Brian Pate, Paul Felten, and the rest of the SoftwareCPR team a number of times when I was leading our software V&V team at HeartFlow. There were many great parts about working with SoftwareCPR!

The team comes from a range of backgrounds and if one person doesn’t know an answer to your question, there will always be someone else at SoftwareCPR who does.  They’ve worked with so many different clients that they seem to always have an example that is relevant to a problem or challenge you’re facing.  They genuinely want to help you and your company improve. Consulting isn’t just a job for them; they care about seeing their clients succeed.

Brian came in to work with HeartFlow ahead of our first 510(k) filing and helped shape up our design controls as more specifically (for me) our V&V processes.  I led the V&V team from 2013 to 2018 and based on his consulting, advice and feedback over those years, I never had a non-conformance in an audit that was attributed directly to the V&V team.  I have Brian and SoftwareCPR to thank for that; they started me out on the right foot from the very beginning!”

Rachel Entwistle, Director of Program Management
Redwood City, CA