US FDA has proposed a new rule to exempt Cytometry instruments used for counting or characterizing cells (a well-understood and mature technology), from premarket notification requirements.  Cytometry instruments used for sorting or collecting cells, and instruments that are used as an automated hematology analyzer, or that perform automated differential cell counts, will still require premarket...
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Company: Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Date of Enforcement Report: 12/20/18 Class II PRODUCT VITROS 5,1 FS Chemistry System, Version 3.0 & below For use in the in vitro quantitative measurement of a variety of analytes of clinical interest in certain biological fluids (depending on the analyte) such as serum, plasma, urine and cerebrospinal fluid. Recall Number: Z-0651-2019...
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Company: Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Date of Enforcement Report: 12/20/18 Class II PRODUCT VITROS 5600 Integrated System, Version 3.3.1 & below For use in the in vitro quantitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative measurement of a variety of analytes of clinical interest, using VITROS Chemistry Product Slides, VITROS Chemistry Products MicroTip Reagents and VITROS Immunodiagnostic Products Reagents. Recall Number:...
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Company: Philips Electronics North America Corporation Date of Enforcement Report: 12/14/2018 Class II PRODUCT Xper Flex Cardio Physiomonitoring System Software versions and, Model Numbers 453564241901, 453564241911, 453564483321, 453564483331, 453564621791, 453564621801, 453564669081 Recall Number: Z-0614-2019 REASON There are 3 issues: Under certain conditions, real time waveforms may not be accurately plotted or displayed. The...
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Draft of the revised IVDD is at the link provided. EU Proposed New IVD
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For devices where the medical device manufacturer intends to maintain remote access capability for service and updates, controls are needed to ensure this access does not compromise the security or operation of the device. There is one FDA recognized standard that addresses this for clinical laboratory devices, but many of the provisions could be instructive...
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Need Your Input!

We have been researching where and when to hold our next 3-day 62304/FDA training course and we want your feedback!
1) Does the location in the US for a public course matter to you … for example, west coast (e.g., San Francisco area) vs. east coast (e.g., Boston)?
2) What locations do you prefer?
3) Would you prefer just the 3-day FDA/62034 course or to have the option of a full week 3-day course followed by cybersecurity 1-day, and a usability 1-day?
4) What other countries would you want to see our course offered publicly?
5) What are best two months of the year for the course?  What are the least favored (not workable) months?
Please respond by email to

office@softwarecpr.com by Sep 25, 2019 if possible!

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