November 13, 2019
Company: Abiomed, Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 11/13/2019 Class II PRODUCT lmpella CP with Smart Assist, Model Number: 0048-0003. Left heart support blood pump, for Use During Cardiogenic Shock and High-Risk PCI Recall Number: Z-0345-2020 REASON This one pump shipped with incorrect pump programming, the initial production working version of the program. The pump would...
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Company: Baxter Healthcare Corporation Date of Enforcement Report: 11/13/2019 Class II PRODUCT Prismaflex Control Unit, software versions below 7.21 Recall Number: Z-0276-2020 REASON Communication error alarms may result in interruption of therapy, delay in therapy, or blood loss due to non-restitution of blood in the extracorporeal circuit. RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER Baxter Healthcare Corporation on 10/4/2019. Voluntary: ...
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Company: Medtronic Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 11/13/2019 Class I PRODUCT Minimed Model 500 Remote Control for use with the MiniMed 508 Insulin Pump, model number MMT-500RU. Recall Number: Z-0177-2020 REASON There is a potential security vulnerability related to the use of the remote controller accessories with the insulin pumps. RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER Medtronic Inc. on...
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Company: Insulet Corporation Date of Enforcement Report: 11/13/2019 Class II PRODUCT Omnipod DASH Insulin Management System, Product Catalog Number 18239 M/D: PDM USA1 D001 MG USA1 Recall Number: Z-0347-2020 REASON There is a potential for a communication interruption following a bolus command that may result in inaccurate information presented in insulin on board (IOB), last...
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Remote Webmeeting Assessments

SoftwareCPR can provide remote offsite assessments to support virtual offices.  Our consultants can utilize webmeeting tools to walk your teams through assessments such as:

  • 62304 compliance
  • Regulatory submission pre-review
  • Software risk analysis
  • Cybersecurity process and validation
  • Overall ISO 14971 risk management
  • Overview of software regulation with John Murray

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