June 19, 2019
Company: GE Healthcare, LLC Date of Enforcement Report: 6/19/2019 Class II PRODUCT GE Centricity PACS-IW versions 3.6.0 through SP1, SP2, SP3 and 3.7.3 SPa10, Model Numbers: a) 2052831-00x b) 2050578-0xx c) 2090228-002 d) 2052782-00x Recall Number: Z-1781-2019 REASON There is a potential that one or more image series (i.e., all images within an image...
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Company: Philips North America, LLC Date of Enforcement Report: 6/19/2019 Class III PRODUCT Philips Patient Information Center iX configured with a regional setting which uses a comma for a decimal separator: 866389 Patient Information Center iX B.01 (or later); 866390 Patient Information Center iX B.01 upgrade (or later) Product Usage: The intended use of the...
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Company: Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation Date of Enforcement Report: 6/19/2019 Class II PRODUCT Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1 Electronic Patient Gas System (EPGS), Electronic Gas Blender, Catalog #: 801188, UDI 00886799000588. Used in cardio-pulmonary bypass. Recall Number: Z-1769-2019 REASON An intermittent failure which causes a blender initialization fault upon start-up or during an EPGS calibration...
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Company: Conformis, Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 6/19/2019 Class II PRODUCT Conformis iTotal Hip Replacement System: HBS-033-00xx-010101, (HIP-PATIENT SPECIFIC STEM LEFT) Recall Number: Z-1775-2019 Recall Number: Z-1776-2019 REASON Discrepancy of 3mm between the values displayed and approved by surgeons in iViews as the neck/head lengths and the resulting neck/head lengths in the manufactured implants. RECALLING...
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Company: Medtronic Neuromodulation Date of Enforcement Report: 6/19/2019 Class II PRODUCT InterStim(TM) System, Model Numbers: a) TH90G01 b) TH90GFA c) TH90G02 d) TH90G03 Product Usage: The Medtronic Model A510 Clinician application (app) is intended for use with the HH90 Handset and TM90 Communicator to program, adjust, and troubleshoot the Medtronic Models 3023 and 3058 InterStim...
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Company: One Lambda Inc Date of Enforcement Report: 6/19/2019 Class II PRODUCT UniMatch Plus Software (Catalog ID 790111 and A10286, Version 6.0) when used in association with CHR_005_201807v1.uch Recall Number: B-0675-2019 REASON The UniMatch Plus Software, containing incorrect allele specificity information, which may result in an ambiguous result or a mistyping, was distributed. RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER...
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