Cl II Philips V60 Ventilator

Company:Respironics California Inc, Inc.
Date of Enforcement Report 4/5/2017
Class lI:


Philips V60 Ventilator with Version 2.20 Software, Description: V 60 Ventilator,Intl Opt: CFLEX,AVAPS,PPV V60 Ventilator,Intl Opt: CFLEX,AVAPS V60 Ventilator,Intl Opt: None V60 Ventilator,English Opt: None V60 Ventilator,Engl Opt: CFLEX,AVAPS V60 Us Demo Unit V60 USED ENGL OPT:CFLEX, AVAPS,PPV,AT+cl V60 VENT, JAPAN OPT: CFLEX, AVAPS, AT+ V60 VENT, JAPAN OPT: CFLEX, AVAPS, AT+ Catalog/REF No. 1053613, 1053614, 1053615, 1053616, 1053617, DU1053617, U1053617, 1076709, R107670
Recall Number Z-1687-2017

The V60 Ventilator with Version 2.20 software installed may falsely detect that the blower motor has stalled. If this condition occurs, the software will cause the ventilator to shut down (Vent Inop) and display Error Code 100E. Ventilatory support will cease.

Respironics California Inc., Carlsbad, CA on 2/1/2017. Voluntary: Firm Initiated recall is ongling.

2512 units

Nationwide and Internationally


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