April 1, 2015
Company:Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.Date of Enforcement Report: 4/1/2015 Class lI: PRODUCT MAGNETOM systems Aera/Skyra/Avanto/Verio with software syngo MR D13A ; indicated for use as magnetic resonance diagnostic devices (MRDD) that produce transverse, sagittal, coronal and oblique cross-sectional images, spectroscopic images and/or spectra, and that display the internal structure and/or function of the head, body,...
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Company:RAYSEARCH LABORATORIES ABDate of Enforcement Report: 4/1/2015 Class lI: PRODUCT RayStation Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning System; — RayStation 3.5, RayStation 4.0, RayStation 4.5 and RayStation 4.7. For RayStation 4.7, the issue applies also to machines with fixed jaws, regardless of MLC/jaw position. RayStation is a software system designed for treatment planning and analysis of radiation...
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Company:GE Healthcare Date of Enforcement Report: 4/1/2015 Class lI: PRODUCT GE Healthcare, SIGNA 1.5T TWINSPEED, SIGNA INFINITY MRISYSTEM, SIGNA 3.0T INFINITY WITH EXCITE, SIGNA 3.0T WITH EXCITE, SIGNA EXCITE 1.5T, SIGNA EXCITE 3.0T, GE 1.5T AND 3.0T SIGNA HDX MR SYSTEM, Discovery MR750 3.0T, Discovery MR450 1.5T, Discovery MR750w 3.0T, Optima MR450w 1.5T, SIGNA Contour,...
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Company:Brainlab AGDate of Enforcement Report: 4/1/2015 Class lI: PRODUCT ExacTrac versions 6.x patient positioning systems are used to position patients during radiosurgery or radiotherapy procedures.. Recall Number Z-1316-2015 REASON The ExacTrac 6.x Patient Positioning System may incorrectly position the patient when using the ExacTrac Cone Beam CT (CBCT) with a TrueBeam-specific optional subvolume-CBCT.. RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER...
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Company:CareFusion 303, Inc.Date of Enforcement Report: 4/1/2015 Class lI: PRODUCT Alaris PC units, Model No. 8015. Infusion pump. Recall Number Z-1311-2015 REASON CareFusion is recalling the Alaris PC unit because of an error code. The error code may occur upon power on during the “Power-On Self Test” due to a keypad issue. RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER CareFusion...
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Remote Webmeeting Assessments

SoftwareCPR can provide remote offsite assessments to support virtual offices.  Our consultants can utilize webmeeting tools to walk your teams through assessments such as:

  • 62304 compliance
  • Regulatory submission pre-review
  • Software risk analysis
  • Cybersecurity process and validation
  • Overall ISO 14971 risk management
  • Overview of software regulation with John Murray

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