April 10, 2007
Recipient:Seryx, lnc Product: Signature Genetics software program Date:2/22/2007 This letter is in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) review of your web site, and the information you provided to The Office oft Vitro Diagnostic Devices (OIVD) in FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health in a telephone conference on May 23, 2006...
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Recipient: MRL, Inc.. Product: automatic external defibrillators Date:12/8/06 We have reviewed your response to FDA-483 Observation # 12 and conclude that the plan was adequate; but without completion of the databases we have no assurance that its implementation will be adequate. 10. Failure to have production and process controls for automated processes, as required by...
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Recipient:Edwards Life Sciences, LLC Product: Swan-Ganz Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO) Catheter, Vigilance Monitors, and stents Date:2/5/2007 Failure to submit a supplemental report to FDA within 1 month of receipt of information that was known to you regarding a serious injury reportable under 21 CFR 803.50, as required by 21 CFR 803.56. For example, b) A...
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Recipient:BTI Filtration Product: mixed bed deionization (DI) tanks and carbon tanks that are used to provide treated water to dilute dialysate for use in hemodialysis. Date:2/27/2007 Failure to ensure the device master record includes or refers to the location of the device specifications including appropriate drawings, composition, formulation, component specifications, and software specifications, as required...
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