May 30, 2001
The Validation Times Vol III, No. 5 May 2001 reported that James McCormack of FDA : 1. Indicated that the first two FDA Part 11 Guidances may be issued as early as June 2001. These would be the Glossary and Validation guidances. Scope would not be addressed. Other guidances would follow over a period of...
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Company: Instrumentation Laboratory Co. Date of Enforcement Report: 5/30/01 Class: III PRODUCT: ACL Futura Coagulation Analyzers. Recall #Z-577-1. REASON: There is a software error that may cause index file and record information to be mismatched. CODES: All Serial Numbers with software version below V3.4. MANUFACTURER: Instrumentation Laboratory Co., Lexington, MA. RECALLED BY: Manufacturer, by letters,...
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Company: Cardiomedics, Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 5/30/01 Class: II PRODUCT: CardiAssist External Counter Pulsation (ECP)System. Recall #Z-573-1. REASON: The screen on the unit containing software version 1.4.3 intermittently locks up. Unexpected shutdown; deletion of use for cardiogenic shock. CODES: n/a MANUFACTURER: Cardiomedics, Inc., Irvine, CA. RECALLED BY: Manufacturer, by facsimile, dated April 4, 2001,...
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