Recall – X-ray system restart may take longer under certain conditions

Company: Philips North America, LLC
Date of Enforcement Report: 8/14/2019
Class II


Philips Azurion systems with software version R1.2 -Interventional Fluoroscopic X-ray system as follows: Azurion 3 M12, Azurion 3 M15, Azurion 7 B12, Azurion 7 B20, Azurion 7 M12, Azurion 7 M20 Models: 722063, 722064, 722067, 722068, 722078, 722079. Product Usage: The Azurion series (within the limits of the used Operating Room table) are intended for use to perform: Image guidance in diagnostic, interventional and minimally invasive surgery procedures for the following clinical application areas: vascular, non-vascular, cardiovascular and neuro procedures Cardiac imaging applications including diagnostics, interventional and minimally invasive surgery procedures. Additionally: . The Azurion series can be used in a hybrid Operating Room. The Azurion series contain a number of features to support a flexible and patient centric procedural workflow.

Recall Number: Z-2205-2019


The cold restart of Azurion R1.2 systems may take up to 7 minutes if the system is connected to the mains power supply for more than 50 days, may result in a delay of treatment.


Philips North America, LLC on 7/16/2019. Voluntary:  Firm Initiated recall is ongoing.




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