Recall – Ultrasound system app error leads to incorrect values

Company: GE Healthcare, LLC
Date of Enforcement Report: 6/26/2019
Class II


LVivo EF app on Vscan Extend. Sold under the following product names: a. Vscan Extend Dual DICOM, Model Numbers H41212ZA, H41212RN; b .Vscan Extend Dual USB, Model Number H41212RK; c. Vscan Extend Dual Wi-Fi, Model Numbers H41212YZ, H41212RL; d. Vscan Extend Sector DICOM, Model Number H41212ZD; e. Vscan Extend Sector USB, Model Number H41212RR; f. Vscan Extend Sector Wi-Fi, Model Number H41212ZC Product Usage: Vscan Extend is a general- purpose diagnostic ultrasound imaging system for use by qualified and trained healthcare professionals enabling visualization and measurement of anatomical structures and fluid. It s pocket-sized portability and simplified user interface enables integration into examination and training sessions indoors and in other environments described in the user manual. The information can be used for basic/focused assessments and adjunctively with other medical data for clinical diagnosis purposes during routine, periodic monitoring, and triage.

Recall Number: Z-1839-2019


Overestimation bias in automatically calculated ejection fraction (EF) values while using LVivo EF app on the Vscan Extend product.


GE Healthcare, LLC on 5/21/2019. Voluntary:  Firm Initiated recall is ongoing.

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