Ron Baerg now a Partner at SoftwareCPR

Ron Baerg, of Seminole, FL USA, is now a partner at Crisis Prevention and Recovery LLC (DBA SoftwareCPR ®), a full service medical device compliance and premarket submissions consultancy. Ron has over twenty three years experience in medical device software development and management. His experience has been primarily focused on large, complex medical device systems with multiple computing systems containing all safety classes of software. His training has included risk management, software V&V, standards such as 62304, and he was a recipient of the Baxter Technical Award.

Ron expands the company’s SoftwareCPR capabilities and remediation services. His full CV is on the credentials page of For more information please leave a message on the website or call 781-721-2921.

CSV Training Course

Learn FDA expectations for software validation for computer systems, quality system software, manufacturing and production process software, and engineering tools. Email for more info.

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