Cl II Philips Allura CV20

Company: Philips Electronics North America Corporation
Date of Enforcement Report 2/10/2016
Class lI:


Allura CV20; Model Number: 722031 The Allura CV2O is intended for physicians (e.g. cardiologists and radiologists), assisted by trained hospital staff (e.g. nurses and lab technicians), who are qualified to perform medical procedures on humans (having a maximum weight of 250 kg.) with probable internal diseases or injuries for: ” Dedicated vascular and carotid imaging applications, including diagnostic and interventional procedures. ” Cardiac imaging applications including diagnostics, interventional rocedures, pacemaker implantations and electrophysiology (EP). ” Non-vascular interventions such as drainages, biopsies and vertebroplasties procedures.
Recall Number Z-0715-2016

The use of Allura Xper, Allura Clarity, Allura CV, Allura Centron and UNIQ systems regarding live images and still images can lead to still images being interpreted as live Images.

Philips Electronics North America Corporation, Andover, MA on 11/3/2015. Voluntary: Firm Initiated recall is ongoing.

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Nationwide and Internationally


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