Siemens ACUSON SC2000 Ultrasound: Cl II

Company:Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
Date of Enforcement Report: 9/23/2015
Class lI:


ACUSON SC2000 Ultrasound System with software versions VB10B and lower; Model 10433816; Product Usage: The SC2000 ultrasound imaging system is intended for the following applications: Cardiac, Neo-natal and Fetal Cardiac, Pediatric, Transespohageal, Adult Cephalic, Peripheral Vessel, Abdominal, Abdominal Intraoperative, Intraoperative Neurological, Musculo-skeletal Conventional, and Musculo-skeletal Superficial applications. The system also provides the ability to measure anatomical structures and calculation packages that provide information to the clinician that may be used adjunctively with other medical data obtained by a physician for clinical diagnosis purposes.
Recall Number Z-2783-2015

The ACUSON SC2000 ultrasound system considers uppercase/lowercase differences in the same patient name as unique patient instances when registered on the same ultrasound system. If these differences are not corrected at the time of registration, the system does not capture images or clips.

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc, Mountainview, CA on 8/19/2015 Voluntary: Firm Initiated recall is ongoing

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