Cl II Baxter Master Drug Library Software

Company:Baxter Healthcare Corp
Date of Enforcement Report: 4/22/2015
Class lI:


Master Drug Library Software version 8.0, Product Code 35723V080, to be used with SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System (Pump) version 8.0, Product Code 35700BAX2 The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump with Master Drug Library (MDL) is intended to be used for the controlled administration of fluids. Recall Number Z-1451-2015

Loading/Bolus default dose settings in the Master Drug Library and the values shown on the pump during programming may differ. MDL drug dose time in seconds will round to the nearest integer in minutes on the pump dose setup screen (20 sec may show as 1 min on the pump display). The pump will administer drugs as configured. The discrepancy may cause therapy delay or unintended rate of delivery.

Baxter Healthcare Corp, Deerfield, IL on 3/2/2015 Voluntary: Firm Initiated recall is ongoing

58 MDLs

Nationwide and Internationally


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