Cl II Siemens Ysio Max system

Company:Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc
Date of Enforcement Report: 10/7/2014
Class lI:


Siemens Ysio Max system The Ysio Max is a radiographic system used in hospitals, clinics, and medical practices. Ysio Max enables radiographic and tomographic exposures of the whole body including: skull, chest, abdomen, and extremities and may be used on pediatric, adult and bariatric patients. It can also be used for intravenous, small interventions (like biopsy, punctures, etc.) and emergency (trauma, critical ill) applications. Exposures may be taken with the patient sitting, standing, or in the prone position. The Ysio Max system is not meant for mammography. The Ysio Max uses integrated or portable digital detectors for generating diagnostic images by converting x-rays into electronic signals. Ysio Max is also designed to be used with conventional film/screen or Computed Radiography (CR) cassettes. Recall Number Z-0002-2015

Two malfunctions posing potential risk to patients were identified with Siemens Ysio Max, AXIOM Luminos dRF Max, Uroskop Omnia Max, and Luminos Agile Max systems with a specific set of serial numbers that will cause lost images due to an automatic Radiology Information System (RIS) worklist update, thus causing examinations to be repeated. Image label may also be displayed incorrectly after images have been sent to PACS or hardcopy/filming, thus leading to potentially incorrect diagnosis.

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., Malvern, PA on 9/2/2014 Voluntary: Firm Initiated recall is ongoing




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