Company: GE Healthcare LLC
Date of Enforcement Report: 2/12/2014
Class lI:


CARESCAPE Monitor B850, a multi-parameter high acuity patient monitor intended for use in multiple areas within a professional healthcare facility. Product Usage: The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 is intended for use on adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients and on one patient at a time. The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 system is indicated for monitoring of Hemodynamic (including ECG, ST Segment, Arrhythmia Detection, ECG Diagnostic Analysis and Measurement, Invasive Pressure, Noninvasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Cardiac Output, Temperature, Impedance Respiration and SvO2 (Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation)), Airway Gases (Fi/Et C02, 02, N20 and Anesthetic Agent), Spirometry, Gas Exchange (02 Consumption (VO2), C02 production (VCO2), energy expenditure (BE), and respiratory quotient (RQ)) and neurophysiological (including electroencephalography (EEG), Entropy, Bispectral Index (BIS) and Neuromuscular Transmission (NMT) Monitoring) status. The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 provides alarms, trends, snapshots and events, and calculations and can be connected to displays, printers and recording devices. The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 can be a stand-alone monitor or interfaced to other devices. It can also be connected to other monitors for bed to bed viewing and to data management software devices via a network. The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 is intended for use under the direct supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner, or by personnel trained in proper use of the equipment in a professional healthcare facility. In addition to the healthcare practitioner, the CARESCAPE Monitor B850 is designed to provide configuration and troubleshooting capabilities to qualified service personnel. Recall Number Z-0927-2014

There is a potential for communication loss associated with the F5-01 Frame when connected to CARESCAPE Patient Data Module (PDM) in the CARESCAPE Monitor B850. The PDM patient parameter acquisition module can sometimes spontaneously lose the communication with the host patient monitor when attached to the F5-01 Frame due to an issue with the PDM Ethernet communication hardware. The communication loss may occur when the PDM is first attached to the host monitor, or it may lose communication spontaneously during use with no user action..

GE Healthcare LLC, Waukesha , WI on 12/20/2013. Voluntary: Firm Initiated recall is ongoing.

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