Test Driven Development

Test driven development (TDD) is the creation and execution of automated tests early in development which fail, by design, until a programmed element is implemented. There are many terms to describe the process, but few will refute its value. Re-discovered in 2003, manufacturers are taking hold of this methodology, ensuring new hires can successfully and individually implement TDD on their own code.

TDD is the new norm because it provides many benefits. These benefits are not limited to: fewer defects, simpler code, better maintainability, and increased productivity. Although more time is spent developing the automated unit tests, studies suggest defects present in a released product are decreased by over fifty percent. Simpler code not only decreases defects but also leads to better maintainability which produces a better quality product. A natural result of these benefits is increased productivity and quality. When defects are minimized at the developmental level, less time and resources are needed during the testing phase, saving time and money.

Academic curriculum are changing, bridging the TDD gap and employers are hiring TDD qualified personnel when given the choice. Companies and educators are taking notice that the benefits far outweigh the hindrances relating to quality and productivity. Its easy to see that TDD is here to stay. Contact SoftwareCPR® for assistance in establishing an effective and compliant TDD process at your company today.

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