Vitrea fX & Vitrea Enterprise Suite Cl ll Vital

Company: Vital Images Inc.
Date of Enforcement Report 2/2/2011
Class ll:

Vital, Vitrea fX and Vitrea Enterprise Suite fX Model number: Vitrea fX 2.1, fX 3.0, and fX 3.1 Vitrea Enterprise Suite (VES) fX 1.2 and VES fX 1.3 The Vitrea 4D CT Brain Perfusion option is intended for post processing based on dynamic CT images continuously acquired during the infection of contrast, for the visualization of apparent blood flow in brain tissue and pictorial illustration of perfusion-related parameters to aid in the assessment of the type and extent of cerebral perfusion disturbances. Recall # Z-0797-2011.

A software defect exists with Vitrea fX 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1 CT Brain Analysis whereby the annotated numeric ROI values on a batched perfusion map are incorrect when created using the auto batching function (from the right click menu) with the auto ROI templates enabled.

Vital Images, Inc., Plymouth, MN, by letter dated 14 October 2010. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.


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