Cl ll SEQUENCER component of MOSAIQ versions

Company: Impac Medical Systems Inc., .
Date of Enforcement Report 2/9/2011
Class ll:

SEQUENCER component of MOSAIQ versions 1.30 (all builds), 1.40 (all builds), 1.50 (all builds), 1.60 (all builds), and 2.0 (all builds). The intended use of SEQUENCER (a verification system) is to assist in the process of patient treatment on a radiotherapy treatment machine. SEQUENCER provides the capability to notify the users of actions that need to take place prior to treatment, to display reference images for set up purposes, and to auto setup the machine to predefined settings. Actual settings are read from the treatment machine, via the machine’s communication interface, and compared to the predefined values. If a mismatch occurs between the planned values and the actual machine settings, treatment is prohibited. At appropriate times during the treatment, the actual delivered values are recorded to provide treatment tracking. Treatments are initiated by the operator, via the machine control system, only after the user has verified that the treatment setup is correct. SEQUENCER does not bypass any checks put in place by the machine’s control system. Recall # Z-1027-2011.

Potential for improper treatment. A software error may result in potential major underdosing to targeted areas from jaw blockage of the MLC aperture (jaw intrusion), and dosing to non-targeted areas from interstitial leaf leakage (jaw extrusion).

Impac Medical Systems Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, by letter on/about July 17, 2009. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.

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