Lee Memorial Health System

Company: Lee Memorial Health System
Date: 8/27/2001
Product: unlicensed blood banks

The inspection revealed failure of your blood bank to adequately determine the suitability of persons to serve as whole blood donors. One donor (unit [redacted]) tested repeatedly reactive for HIV 1-2 in screening tests-performed on March 21, 2001 and was never placed in deferral. Donor deferral records maintained electronically failed to contain the names of all donors who were determined unacceptable for donation based on donor suitability questions. At least ten donors answered yes to donor screening questions on a mobile unit that resulted in temporary and/or permanent deferral on manual registration records. However, these donors were not found in the electronic deferral records. In addition, nine of these donors were not found in the donor base as ever being registered. If any of these donors presented themselves for donation at your blood bank at a later date, they could be registered in your computer as first time don-ors with no past deferral history and accepted for donation. .

FDA District: Florida District

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